Sunday, March 26, 2017


We had an absolute blast this afternoon!

Our Inquiry topic for this week is DINOSAURS with a strong focus on Measurement.  

Mia and Charlotte-Rose were busy writing down some dinosaur facts

The girls were busy learning to use rulers to measure the heights of the dinosaurs

Outside some of the boys were busy measuring out how long the dinosaurs were.

They were HUGE!

These kids are classifying dinosaurs

Some of us got CREATIVE and made dinosaur hats

Joshua and Anushka drew a dinosaur and then measure how high they were using non-standard measurements

Kyle made a spiky dinosaur tail

Look out!  It's Tyrannosaurus Ben!

Here is Soyfa with her dinosaur hat

 Mrs Lunn cut out a footprint the same size as a dinoaur's foot.  
Did you know it is the same size as Mika?

Then we had to fill up the dinosaurs footprint with objects - it too 13 looking word cards to equal 1 footprint!

Here's Anushka's dinosaur.  It is 8 blocks high.

We can't wait until tomorrow for more Dinosaur Maths!

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