Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Please can you let us know if your child is not confident in the indoor pool at the Lido.   Either pop in and see us, send a note or email Mrs Lunn at jo@riverdale.school.nz



Yesterday we received a letter from Ronald McDonald House Charities thanking us for raising a whopping $532.80!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Writing wizz!

Wow! This amazing piece of writing was done this morning...

Rustle! Rustle! Went the sound of the Manawatu River rustling along. On Saturday me and my Dad and plus my little sister went to the Manawatu River for a swim. The current was strange. It was also very, very deep and I saw people making fun of each other. We had to stay close to my Dad because my little sister nearly drowned but so did I! The river was shining blue and it also looked sparkly in the distance. The currents were wavy and unsafe so we couldn’t go too deep. There were lots of odd things to see. Like the big, gigantic rock that had a word that said ROCCO in all capital letters. The river was freezing cold and slippery because the stones weren’t stable so I kept on slipping over. The river was fun but after some time it was time to go home. Mum was very happy to see me.




I love Scout because Scout is cool and he hides in the classroom.  He is the best in the world.  Scout is on the tree today.  Scout is scary too and he is in the Whisper Island today.  I love Scout.
By Joel

Ahh... I love this vacation especially in Whisper Island at school.  I hope the children don't come in.  I'm so relaxed in the tree.  Maybe I should stay in the tree and stand here.  I hate to say, but it is noisy in the class but relaxing in Whisper Island.  I wish I could sleep here on the tree.
By Maarire

Today Scout hid in Whisper Island climbing a coconut tree at the beach.  It looks like he's trying to find a nice hard coconut so he can do the coconut drums.  Maybe he went to Hawaii for a vacation and then he went to the hot beach.  When he got there he had nothing to do because he's too little to swim so he just climbed a coconut tree and did the coconut drums.
By Benji R

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Today our elf on the shelf has taken one of the teacher's candy canes and now he's trying to climb the shelf!  I can't believe that he'd take one of the teacher's things.  "How naughty is that?"  Scout is going to older and cheekier.  Oh no! I don't want him to take my stuff and tonight I'm going to look on my iPod and look on the Santa tracer app and see how Santa is going.
By Karys

Emily gave Mrs Lunn a candy cane but Scout took it and ate it but before he got a small lick, Mrs Lunn came and stopped him so he used it for a grappling hook and he climbed up as fast as he could but Mrs Lunn caught the candy cane and dragged him around.  "Finally!" said Mrs Lunn.
By Riley S

Today Scout the elf is hanging on the teacher's cupboard.  Hanging on what?  Mrs Lunn's candy cane.  Who gave it to her?  Me!  I hope Mrs Lunn can still eat it!
By Emily

"I haven't eaten in days.  I suppose Mrs Lunn won't mind if I take a few nibbles or her candy cane.  Mmmm, this is delicious!  I might take a few more bites.  I realised it was all gone!  Ohh wait.  I know what I'll do.  I will buy a new one but I realised it wasn't the same brand."
By Petra


Tonight is the Te Puawai Concert at school.  We also will be hosting our community hangi.  We went out and watched the men light the fire for the hangi.

We performed to our whanau.  We were amazing.


Today while the Te Puawai kids were rehearsing, the rest of us went down to Piako Tahi.
We watch a clip called The Fish of Maui

The video had no words so we were challenged to write a story that would go along with the video.  Here are a few examples...

One day Maui went to catch fish but he caught a big fish and he brought it up and it turned into an island.
By Devon

One day Maui was in his waka and he was in the waka for days.  He put his big hook in the water.  Soon he caught a huge fish.  It almost pulled his waka into the wavy water.  But he hung on.  Then he pulled the fish up and that is how the North Island was made.
By Connor B

One day Maui decided to catch a fishing.  It took him hours to catch the size fish he wanted.  Finally he saw a giant fish in the corner of his eye.  He tossed the rope into the water.  Suddenly he felt something pulling ... a fish!  So he pulled with all his might. PLONK! It was a giant stingray.  His boat was stuck on the top so he always lived there.
By Petra

One day Maui went out in his waka to catch a fish.  He threw his hook in the water.
By Rawiri

Maui was going on a waka designed with kowhaiwhai patterns, to take his out to sea.  He travelled day after day until he found the perfect spot.  Then he got out his fishing hook and threw it out into the sea.  He was so bored so he read the newspaper and slept.  The, out of no where, a giant stingray appeared with orange eyes.  He pulled with all his might.  That's how we got the North Island.
By Anoushka, Rebekah and Vanessa

One day Maui sailed out to sea to catch a big fish.  When he had sailed far enough, he threw his fish-hook into the water.  Then he took a BIG breath and waited.  While he was waiting he fell asleep BUT he felt a tug at his fish-hook.  So he started tugging as well.  He tugged and tugged until it finally rose out of the water.  Maui was surprised.  It was a string-ray!  A ginormous sting-ray!  From that day on, that sting-ray is known as the North Island.
By Emily and Malee