Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pizza Buns

Some of us got to make delicious pizza buns with Mrs Kenyon today.  They were sooooo good!


We have an exciting poem called "I am a Pirate" to share with you over the weekend.  Take a look at Rebekah's.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Our Junior Jump Jam team placed third at the competition today!

Congratulations kids!

Pirate Writing

Today we had a pirate writing competition.  We had at least 20 children share their writing with the class and they voted on the best 5 stories.  Then Karys and Emily were selected as having the best pirate stories for the day.  They each won a pirate album.

"Arrrr!  Walk the plank or I will fight you!"  Tash shivered as she took tiny steps towards the end.  Suddenly she had an idea.  She did a back flip onto the deck. She snatched a pirates sword and she fought off the pirates until they were so scared they jumped off the plank and the captain stuttered "A-a-abandon s-s-ship".  She watched them get chased by the sharks to land.  She stopped and looked around herself.  She was on a pirate ship!  There was gold in the captains cabin and everything.
By Emily.

Once upon a time there lived a pirate girl named Karys.  She always sailed the seven seas and she loved an adventure.  Especially ones with treasure at the end.  But one day .... she heard a sound.  It sounded like a magical sound.  Later that day she heard some more sounds like "Arrr!"  So she said "Hey!  Whoever is making that sound please stop now!".  So the pirate stopped and stared at her.  She said "What?  I just said shhhh!" said Karys.  "Matie you are not allowed on our boat".  "Why?" said Karys.  "Because you said we have to be quiet.  I'm sorry but I am trying to fall asleep and you were trying to dance" said Karys.
By Karys

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


We are learning to be pirates.  Did you know pirates need to be good at telling the time so then know when to sail on the seven seas.  They also need to know positional language like on, next to, behind, beside etc.
So we are practising these things in class.
We are having great fun learning to be a pirate!


Today Lyndon helped us put the pirate ship together so we could play with it!

Thanks very much!


We have been learning how to tell the time.  
Today we practised telling the time in Maori.   
We are so clever!