Monday, December 11, 2017



I love Scout because Scout is cool and he hides in the classroom.  He is the best in the world.  Scout is on the tree today.  Scout is scary too and he is in the Whisper Island today.  I love Scout.
By Joel

Ahh... I love this vacation especially in Whisper Island at school.  I hope the children don't come in.  I'm so relaxed in the tree.  Maybe I should stay in the tree and stand here.  I hate to say, but it is noisy in the class but relaxing in Whisper Island.  I wish I could sleep here on the tree.
By Maarire

Today Scout hid in Whisper Island climbing a coconut tree at the beach.  It looks like he's trying to find a nice hard coconut so he can do the coconut drums.  Maybe he went to Hawaii for a vacation and then he went to the hot beach.  When he got there he had nothing to do because he's too little to swim so he just climbed a coconut tree and did the coconut drums.
By Benji R

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