Thursday, November 23, 2017

Palmy Rock Hunt

Today we had a visit from some Awatapu students who had painted Palmy Rocks. They hid them in our Junior Playground and asked us to find them. It was great fun! Thank you for sharing your art with us!
We thought there were only 50 but actually there were HEAPS more!!!

Athletics recounts

Here are some recounts of the fantastic day we had at Riverdale School Athletics Day 2017.

One very sunny hot day we did athletics. I kept on calling it Olympics over and over again. My favourite was hurdles. I really wanted to do hurdles every time we did Olympics...Oh sorry, athletics. Now we can move onto shot put and discus. Shot put I went to flag three, discus I went to flag two. (I thought I was going to get flag three, but I got two instead of three.) I felt sad but when we moved on to relays, I was happy again. I came 11th. I loved all of them actually. Athletics is my favourite sport apart from Rippa. But I think athletics is pretty cool!
By Jacob Conwell

On your marks, get set, go! I was off. It was athletics day. There were hurdles, high jump, discus, long jump, shot put, 400 metre run and best of all the relays. I was part of the Takahe relay team. I came second on long jump. I almost made it to the end of the sandpit! It was very hot. I felt sweat dripping down my back, then slowly dripping like a broken tap onto the ground. It was fun yesterday.
By Petra

Guess what? No, no, no we didn't find a dead bird yesterday. We did athletics yesterday! We did discus, hurdles, high jump, sprints...well I didn't really do high jump and sprints because on hurdles those naughty high hurdles...well they were just too high for I tripped then fell on my face. My tooth got really wiggly with blood squirting out of my mouth...sore leg...can't walk... I went home and yeah, I think Takahe and Kereru won, but I'm not sure. By the way I am in Kereru!
By Emily

Yesterday was athletics day. We went on the bus to Massey University. I am a year 2 boy, I went with the year 2 boys Zac S., Zac W., Devon, Bentley, Benji N., Kyjahn, Kouta, Kade and lucky last Liam. First I went to shot put. I don't know how far I got, but I would say about 3 or 4 metres. Next I went to discus. There was a 1, 2, 3 and 4. I got a 4. After that I did hurdles. First and second were still in and the rest were out. I got into the boy's finals and came second place. Then I did high jump. I got a three. It was quite hard. Next I did sprints. I got into the boy's finals which was me, Benji N., and Kyjahn. Benji N. came first, I came seconds and Kyjahn came third. We had 2 matches. Benji N, 8 house points for Tui. I scored 6 house points for Kereru and Kyjahn scored 4 house points for Kereru. Kyjahn and I added up our points for Kereru and in total we got 10 house points for Kereru. Next I did long jump. There were 3 flags and I jumped to flag 3. Next it was relays. I couldn't race because I was a spare. First was the year 1's. Kakapo then it was year 2's. Kakapo won that. Then year 3's. Kakapo won . Then year 4's. Kakapo won. Then year 5's. Kakapo won. Year 6's, Tui won. After the relay races, we got into our homerooms and went on the bus back to school! What a day!
By Joshua     

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Athletics Day

We had a wonderful day at Athletics out at Massey University yesterday.  

The kids did us all proud!

Tired but happy friends on the way home in the bus...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Athletics this Wednesday

Hi everyone

Athletics is THIS Wednesday coming.  Please click the link below to see all the info.

Athletics Information 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We have been using the doubles +1 as a strategy at maths. 
 Here is a video we watched today.


We are super busy preparing for Market Day.  
Today we made 46 whales to sell to Piako Tahi!

And we made a hole lot of cute caterpillar pegs too...

Keep an eye out for the letter coming home to tell you all about Market Day.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Tasman, Connor B and Conner B wanted to sing us a song today.  They were awesome!


This week the Candylanders got together and played Guess My Genre!

One of the Candylanders reads their writing to the class.  The we have to guess what the genre is.  After that we think about what the writer did well and give them some ideas for how to improve their writing.  This week we looked at Mia and Emily's writing.
We were very impressed.  They are amazing writers.


Over the last two Fridays, we have been making waffles with Mrs Lunn.  They are delicious, especially with golden syrup on them!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Today we were fortunate to have Jamie and Ray from Superstar Cricket Academy come in and teach us some cricket skills.  The children all got a turn to bat and focused on their small ball skills.
Olivia's drawing of herself hitting the ball off the cone.

Today Superstar Cricket came to school.  Boof!  I hit the ball as hard as  I could.  Jamie said "Good job". But the only thing was it landed in a puddle.  My shoes were soaking.  As I tiptoed to the puddle I felt water rising into my shoes.  Then I ran to Ray.  We played Snowball tag.  All you had to do for tag is tag someone.  It is fun.  By Maarire & Petra

This morning Piako Rua went out to play cricket with the Superstar Academy boys Jamie and Ray.  The Academy came to Riverdale School.  I can not believe it.  It was amazing!  I first did batting.  With the bat we go BAM!  I hit the ball far and then I got the ball.  It was muddy.  Very muddy.  It was lots of fun.  By Conner B & Kouta

Guess what we did today?  WE did cricket.  It was really cool and fun but one things was not cool - or fun.  Water.  It was wet, soggy and splashy because wherever we tried to step ...SPLASH!  Water splashed in our face.  Anyway, the cool great thing about it was that we got to have a go at everything and the funny part was that when Emily was using the bat she hit the stand for the ball instead of the ball.  Then the stand went flying but the ball just fell off the stand and straight in the ground.  Emily thought she heard the ball scream and Mia laughed and nearly fell flat on her face.  By Mia, Emily, Regan & Kyah

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Today we started to paint rocks and egg cartons to prepare for our Market Day creations.  Watch this space for the final products.


Thursday, November 2, 2017


Congratulations to the following super star dancers in Piako Rua dancers.  Well done!


Mr Jacob Carter read the class one of his books from home this morning.  Thanks JC! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017



We have been learning how to ask how many things there are, in Maori.  Today we played a quiz - a bit like a Kahoot.  We had a blast!

After the quiz, we got sets of objects and asked our friend, "E hia nga?"  How many things?

We are pretty clever.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Here are a few examples of each of the types of art we made for our calendars.  
We are really proud of how well they turned out.

  We hope you like them too.

Order information will be sent out soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Wow!  Look at these amazing artists!  
Well done Mika and Georgia.  Your emus are amazing!