Sunday, December 10, 2017


Today our elf on the shelf has taken one of the teacher's candy canes and now he's trying to climb the shelf!  I can't believe that he'd take one of the teacher's things.  "How naughty is that?"  Scout is going to older and cheekier.  Oh no! I don't want him to take my stuff and tonight I'm going to look on my iPod and look on the Santa tracer app and see how Santa is going.
By Karys

Emily gave Mrs Lunn a candy cane but Scout took it and ate it but before he got a small lick, Mrs Lunn came and stopped him so he used it for a grappling hook and he climbed up as fast as he could but Mrs Lunn caught the candy cane and dragged him around.  "Finally!" said Mrs Lunn.
By Riley S

Today Scout the elf is hanging on the teacher's cupboard.  Hanging on what?  Mrs Lunn's candy cane.  Who gave it to her?  Me!  I hope Mrs Lunn can still eat it!
By Emily

"I haven't eaten in days.  I suppose Mrs Lunn won't mind if I take a few nibbles or her candy cane.  Mmmm, this is delicious!  I might take a few more bites.  I realised it was all gone!  Ohh wait.  I know what I'll do.  I will buy a new one but I realised it wasn't the same brand."
By Petra

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