Sunday, December 3, 2017


Today we found Scout our Elf on the phone.  Maybe Scout wants to talk to the other elves or say to Santa which kids are good and which are bad.  Every night, Scout flies away to Santa to tell him were the kids bad or good.  Then he flies back and hides in the classroom.  First time we found Scout on the shelf stuck in the sellotape but when no on saw him he got out of the sellotape and ended climbing up on top of the shelf.  When the teachers saw it they said "we will not help you get down because if you climbed up then you will be able to climb down."  But today we found him up on the phone because he wants to have a chat with the other elves.

By Sofya

My Elf hid on the game machine.  Today he hid on the drawers.  You have to name him in order for it to work.  Me Elf's name is Roodoll. JC's Elf wrapped the Christmas Tree with toilet paper.  At the end of the time with you, they are cheeky.  They even can have a bowl of marshmallows.

By Campbell

Woosh!  "Ha ha ha!  I toilet papered your Christmas tree!" said DJ my Elf.  Mum nearly called Santa.  She was fuming.  Her ears were as red as a stop light!


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