Tuesday, May 30, 2017


This afternoon, Mrs Lunn taught her whanau group how to read musical notation.  Here they are performing their first ever song!  Well done guys!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Mrs Kenyon has been learning to play the guitar!  She already knows the D and G chords,  Today she performed a song for us.  

Mrs Kenyon asked us if we would like to help her learn the guitar and maybe we could all put on a concert!

We thought that sounded like a great idea!  We'd love to be rock stars!

So we took a bit of time to WONDER about everything we would need to do to be ready for the concert!  We brainstormed all our questions and then we shared our ideas with the rest of the class.



On Friday morning, we had Alex's Grandad come and show us some mammals.

There are a special group of mammals called Mustalids..  We meet a ferret, a stoat and a weasel. They are all pests and eat our native birds, like kiwis.

After Alex's Grandad left we were able to draw or write all about them.

Thank you Mr Greany for coming to talk to us.  We loved learning about the Mustalids.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Yummy......  Bread making was easy and, unlike the hokey pokey, Mrs Kenyon didn't burn it.  Delicious!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Our Piako Tahi buddies came to visit at Te Puawai time,  We practised saying Homai te... and then saying a food name.  Here are a few photos of us in action...


We have been working on our improving our Basic Facts.  
Here is a photo of some of the kid playing a game called Domino Parking.  They need to choose a domino and add the dots together to find our which parking space it needs to be in on the card.

You could help us at home by playing board games with us using two dice!  This was we are practising our basic facts AND having fun at the same time!


Happy 7th Birthday to Ella and Blake!


Watch Anoushka and Rebekah having a conversation in Te Reo.  
Kai Pai girls!



Today a group of us opted in Mrs Lunn's Scone workshop.  

First we put 2 Cups of self-raising flour into the bowl...

The we added 3/4 of a cup of Lemonade (not diet or the scones will taste funny)...

Then add 1/2 a cup of cream...

Stir the ingredients together and then kneed.

Put into an 18-20cm round on baking paper and cut into 8 wedges.

Bake at 220 degrees for 15-20cm


While we were cooking we also learnt about equivalent fractions.  We don't have a measuring cup for 3/4 of a cup and so we realised that if we used the 1/4 measuring cup we would just need to fill it 3 times!

Then when it came to measuring the cream Mrs Lunn asked us how we could measure the cream without using the 1/2cup.  We said we could use the 1/4 cup and fill it twice because we know that two quarters is the same as 1 half!  Mrs Lunn was impressed - we know equivalent fractions!  That is super big kid maths!  Go us!!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Coloured Milk

Mr Waterland, a Chemist Lecturer from Massey University, came and visited Piako Rua today.  Some of us worked with him making Coloured Milk.

We put food colouring in the milk and then put in a small drop of dish washing liquid.  Look at what happened to the colours.  It was amazing.


Liquid Fireworks


Mr Waterland, a Chemist Lecturer from Massey University, came and visited Piako Rua today.  Some of us worked with him making Liquid Fireworks.

We put food colouring into oil to see what would happen.  Then we the oil and food colouring with water.  We couldn't believe what we saw.  "It's just sitting there" (Jayden).

We had a great afternoon!

Big Book activity

Today we read a big book called

It was a really fun text to read with lots of onomatopoeia.
There was a family that wanted to go to the beach but 4 things went wrong with their car.
First the tyre blew up. Fortunately they had packed a beach ball which replaced the tyre! How did they stick it to the car? Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight of course!
Second the floor of the car fell out! Luckily they had packed a surfboard that took its place stuck onto the car by... Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight! Next the petrol tank fell off which thankfully the thermos of a very special Fizz helped fix, held onto the car with... Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight and lastly the whole engine fell off. The baby had brought a boat which when stuck in place with the Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight helped them finally get to the beach!

Can you see the car's improvements on these diagrams?

And then we designed our very own recipes for the extremely versatile...
Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight! 
Some of us did it together and some on our own!
(AND some had SECRET ingredients!)

We were so impressed with the details included in the directions of how to make the recipe as well as all the ingredients! You have learned lots from all the cooking experiences this term! Look out all the local chefs!!!

   We think we might have to try these recipes out and see just how yummy and sticky they are.

Thank you LC14 for letting us use your awesome big book.