Monday, May 15, 2017


The show was amazing because Ronald McDonald was so funny. He told us about safety because he wants us to stay safe.
By Ben Baur

Ronald McDonald was really funny and he talked about safety but then he lost his sock at the school but he didn't know where. So he looked everywhere but then he finally found out it was across the road but how will he get across the road? We had to look and listen before he walked.
By Mikaela Te Huna

One day Ronald McDonald was walking on the path with his sock. It is getting windy, I should go home. So he walked home but then his sock got blown away. "Oh no! My sock got blown away." We helped him find it.
By Anushka Gautam

Ronald McDonald is funny. I liked his show because he is funny. What do you like about his show?
By Samantha Bunyan.

"Woof! Woof!' said Issy. Ronald McDonald said "Quiet! I need to focus. I am nearly going to be in front of a whole school and teachers too. So don't bark a bit!"
"They are here" said Ronald McDonald. "Take your places everyone!"
Soon everyone was seated. The show started.
By Georgia Sargent.

Ronald McDonald went to school to find his red and white striped sock but he couldn't cross the road because it was too busy. "What should I do?" said Ronald McDonald. "I might have to look for cars and traffic."
By Caitlin Stretch

The show was amusing. We had Ronald McDonald was there to tell us about road safety. It was so funny. It made me laugh so much. Hahahaha. Come home with me please!
By Riley Schou

Ronald McDonald did a fantastic show for us. He was very funny. We laughed at his sock on his back and when he pretended his sock was alive, he was frightened.
By Keira

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