Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Book activity

Today we read a big book called

It was a really fun text to read with lots of onomatopoeia.
There was a family that wanted to go to the beach but 4 things went wrong with their car.
First the tyre blew up. Fortunately they had packed a beach ball which replaced the tyre! How did they stick it to the car? Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight of course!
Second the floor of the car fell out! Luckily they had packed a surfboard that took its place stuck onto the car by... Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight! Next the petrol tank fell off which thankfully the thermos of a very special Fizz helped fix, held onto the car with... Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight and lastly the whole engine fell off. The baby had brought a boat which when stuck in place with the Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight helped them finally get to the beach!

Can you see the car's improvements on these diagrams?

And then we designed our very own recipes for the extremely versatile...
Chocolate marshmallow fudge delight! 
Some of us did it together and some on our own!
(AND some had SECRET ingredients!)

We were so impressed with the details included in the directions of how to make the recipe as well as all the ingredients! You have learned lots from all the cooking experiences this term! Look out all the local chefs!!!

   We think we might have to try these recipes out and see just how yummy and sticky they are.

Thank you LC14 for letting us use your awesome big book. 

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