Thursday, May 4, 2017


Piako Rua will be presenting School Assembly next Friday the 12th of May from 12.30-1pm in the School Hall.

A lot of work goes into getting Assembly ready.  We have been busy writing the script, assigning jobs and getting the props ready.  This afternoon, while some children went to their opt in workshop of making Milo, the rest of us made chef hats to wear on Assembly day.  

We watched a video and then followed the steps to make the hats.  The tricky bit was that the video was in SPANISH!  We thought we were pretty clever being able to understand what the lady was doing in the video even though she was speaking a different language.  Nina in our class speaks some Spanish so she was able to make sure we were on track with to do the right thing.  Thanks Nina!

Looks great Charlotte!

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