Sunday, May 7, 2017


Today we had heaps of fun exploring weight and capacity.  Here are a few photos of us in action...

Maarire, Mika, Charlotte, Petra, Ashton and Nina used a piece of elastic and a bulldog clip to make a stretchy weighing machine.  They found out that the heaviest objects made elastic stretch more and the object ended up closer to the ground.  They then used a metre ruler to work out the distance from the floor to the object to PROVE which object was the heaviest.  Pretty creative thinking kids!

The girls were challenged with working out which measuring spoon has the greatest capacity.  They filled the spoons with beans and then counted the number of beans.  They worked out that the spoon that held the least number of beans, has the smallest capacity.

They were then able to order the spoon by their capacity.

Emily drew a picture of the weighting machine she used to measure Lambchop our puppet

 These kids were challenged to make a weighing machine out of a set of objects.  
They did pretty well!

To help with our vocabulary development, we make what we call a TIP chart.  Tip stands for TERM, INFORMATION, and PICTURE.  Every time we come across a word we are unfamiliar with we write it up on the TIP chart.  Here's Connor drawing a picture to help explain a measurement term.

Here's the boys figuring out how many teddies it takes to balance a highlighter.

At the end of each session we have a sharing time when kids can share what they have learnt today.  Here's Karys, Keira and Darcy explaining their weighing machine.

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