Monday, December 4, 2017


Look where Scout is today!

"Santa, Santa! Quickly!  The people are starting to wake up!" 
"Alright, alright! I'm coming." said Santa.
All the people were waking up.  All of a sudden the elf started to fly.  He found the perfect hiding space.  Then... he got into the stickers.  In the morning, we saw him in the cupboard covered with stickers all over him!

By Darcy

Woosh! Up! Down! Loop de loop!
"I'm sorry.  I was just getting from Sarah's house to Father Christmas.  If you don't be good I will tell Santa.  My name is Scout."
After he was finished I said, "no, no.  Don't tell Santa because I have been good."
"If you have been good I won't tell Santa,"  replied Scout.

By Keira

Today someone touched Scout and now his magic has gone away.  Scout is really nice elf.   Scout is red and white.  He is in the teachers' cupboard next to some stickers.  In the night, Scout flies back to the North Pole and tells Santa if we're being good or not.  I wish that Scout gets better.  I'm sure he will because the person who touched hum is writing a sorry note.  He's also going to take a picture of him and Scout because if you give him a picture it will turn into Pixie dust so Scout can fly again.  That person is feeling really guilty and he said he won't do it again.

By Mia

We wonder where he will be tomorrow!

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