Tuesday, April 4, 2017


We got a letter from our Shadows today! 

They are feeling neglected.  They say we do not notice them or play with them anymore.  Our Shadows asked our teachers to help them get us kids to find out all about shadows and how they are made.

First we brainstormed with Mrs Kenyon everything we knew about shadows which was actually quite a lot!  Some of us had a few Wonderings about shadows too.

Then we started to Explore shadows.  Here are a few photos of what we got up to...

We made Puppet Shows using our old data projector.

We made shadow puppets using our hands.

We had to problem solve too.  It was really hard to hold a torch and draw around a toy, so Kyle asked Miharo to help him by holding the torch.  Great problem-solving Kyle.

Emily and Mia worked together to draw around a toy's shadow and then used the blocks to measure how long the shadow was.

Luccas, Ryla and Miyah we investigating what  objects cast a shadow.  Here they are finding out that even a ruler casts a shadow... even though the ruler is transparent.

Conner A and Jacob L found out that they could make shadows on the whiteboard.  
Connor B came along and gave it a go too!

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