Sunday, June 11, 2017


Mrs Lunn counted the instruments in the school and there is not enough for us all to have one in the concert!  What will we have have to do?  Mrs Lunn thought we would need to cancel the concert since there aren't enough instruments.  We said "NOOOOO!"

So Mrs Lunn gave us a chance to come up with a solution to our problem.

We brainstormed lots of different ways for how we could solve our problem.

We came up with some wonderful ideas.

Then we had to reflect on each idea?  Was it a good one?  We thought about borrowing some instruments, but what if they got broken?  We aren't allowed to bring toys to school ... so that idea wouldn't work.

We suggested sharing an instrument or taking turns but that really defeats the the purpose of having everyone in the bad altogether.

Then some people suggested that we MAKE our instruments!  What a good idea!  Then everyone will be able to play in the band.


Mrs Lunn showed us a slideshow of some amazing ideas we could try.  She has uploaded it to the blog so we can have a look at home and have a think about what instrument we would like to make.

Please can you help us have a look at home for some bits and pieces that I could bring to make my instrument with.

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