Saturday, August 19, 2017


As part of our Art inquiry, we are looking into Geometry, and Pattern and Algebra.  Here are some photos of us busy learning last week.  Karys and Bentley are completing colouring in a complex geometric pattern...

The boys are using shapes to fill in a tan-gram...

Connor and Regan are busy sorting art pictures by their elements...

Connor and Tasman are practising making repeating patterns out of coloured beans.  They were able to tell the teachers the rules for these patterns.  
For example:  the rule for yellow, yellow, blue is AAB.

Ms Palmer was helping to teach the kids all about symmetry.  If something is symmetrical, what is on one side is reflected onto the other side.  These kids were challenged to make symmetrical pizzas!
The look good enough to eat!
Well done Georgia and Jacob.

Check out Emily's completed pattern picture!  

You could help us at home by getting us to use objects around the house to make symmetrical patterns.

For example...

Image result for symmetrical patterns at home

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