Tuesday, August 1, 2017


On Monday, we received a letter from Rapunzel asking us for help.  She heard that we are great problem solvers and she had a problem for us to solve.  She came to the right place!

Rapunzel needed us to help her come up with a solution.  
She really enjoys the view from up in her tower and wanted us to think of way that she could get up and down.

She set us some criteria.

Our invention had to move
It had to support her weight - she weighs the same as a Barbie Doll
and it had to be CREATIVE.

First we decided if we wanted to work by ourselves or with others.  
Then we brainstormed all our ideas.

Next we had to draw a plan and then we could set to work making our invention.

Here's what we came up with!

We hope Rapunzel likes our solutions!

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