Monday, July 24, 2017

100 Days Smarter Writing

We wrote some wonderful stories about our 100 day party today.  What do you think of them?  Leave us a comment.

"Yay!  It was soooo fun on our 100th day of school.  You could make paper chains with 100 chains, 100th hats, and 100th day glasses.  Pop!  Suddenly one of the balloons popped and gave everyone a big fright.  We also got to make fairy bread.  It was delicious".  By Emily & Blake

"Yay!  Yay!  Today is the 100th day.  I can make my own fairy bread.  I made my fairy bread but not blue.  So I ate fairy bread and then I went to the painting and then it was clean up time."  By Anushka

"Yay!  Yay! It's the 100th day today and I liked the paper chains and making the hats too because I like the hats".

"Yay!  Yay!  It's the 100th day today.  Mum I'm not sick.  I can go to school.  So my mum dropped me to school".  By Kaleb

"I was doing some activities and I was having fun because I was doing paper chains because I wanted to do it". By Riley M

"Yay!  It's the 100th day.  I like sharing my dinosaurs stickers and Darious liked eating fairy bread and we did fun things".  By Darious & Devon

"Yay!  Yay!  It is our 100 birthday party.  We did some activities.  I liked the painting.  I hope we do it again".  By Taika 

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