Sunday, July 30, 2017


We love Fridays!

This term we have a cooking workshop each Friday.  Each of us have opted to cook two different foods.  On Friday Mrs Kenyon made Chocolate Pudding with a group.
You can check out what we chose to cook on the lists by the Snack Trays.

We also have Art Workshops going on on a Friday too!
We each have chosen two different types of Art that we would like to make.  This week Mrs Ruawai taught the kids how to paint like Mondrain - a famous French Artist!
You will find the lists of who is doing what, down the hallway towards the Jungle.

  Didn't we do well!

We also had Piako 2 Whanau.  This is the assembly we organise by ourselves - for ourselves.
We can sign up to share some of the cool things we have learnt or done.  
Here is Emma sharing the amazing laptop she made!

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