Sunday, July 2, 2017

Concert Writing

On Friday we were having a concert.  I was playing my pan flute the same with Ben and Jack.  Alex was playing his guitar.  I made my pan flute out of straws and tape and I was terrified.  Every kid in the class had an instrument and my favourite part was doing the clapping pattern.
By Caleb

On Friday we had a concert and it was amazing.  I was a speaker in the concert and I think there was one million children there.  My nan and the teddies were watching.  Bang Bang went the drums.  Strum went the guitars.  Then it finished but I wanted to do the concert forever.
By Riley S

One time we had a concert on Friday.  I was terrified until mum came.  I was happy, happy, happy so waved at her.  She waved back at me.
By Kyle

Mum mum was very, very proud of my singing and my favourite things was singing.  I very liked making my drums and I also liked doing the brainstorming.  My mum was so proud of me.  She was smiling.  I loved our concert.
By Liam

I am so happy of myself.  I did my first ever slideshow.  This is the best concert ever.  I have done lots of work.  This is a good concert.  It's almost done.  The drums were good.
By Connor A

Yay!  Yay!  It's the big final concert.  I said "Hi mum and dad.  Look at the drums".  "Yeah" sad mum and dad.  "I'm going to play a poem" I said.  Jacob is going to play the drums after the poem.  Bang!  Bang!  Went the drums.  "That is loud" I said.
By Declin

On Friday we had a concert.  "We were very nervous" I said.  "I love concerts".  It was starting.  Devon went up and played the guitar.  But it was now the end.  I felt happy!  Then we went home.
By Adam

"Yay!  Yay! I am so excited for the concert" said Emma and she did her part.  "I did it.  I did it". Emma said.  Soon is was Mrs Kenyon's turn.  She did her "Dah nar nar".  The song was on.  Mrs Kenyon was frightened so much but she was crazy when she was done.  She boogied so much and she laughed so much she couldn't stop.  "I will give Mrs Kenyon a picture" said Emma.  Mrs Kenyon said "Thank you Emma".
By Emma L

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