Sunday, November 26, 2017


Market Day was finally here!  
We were so excited to set up our stalls and for the Piako Tahi kids to come.

We have raised nearly $400!

Georgia and her Dad's amazing birdhouse made $89!!!

Ronald McDonald House is going to LOVE us!

Here are some stories we wrote about Market Day.  
Mrs Ruawai typed them up for us.

Piako Rua is going to have Market Day today. This is how you do it.  Firstly you make spiderwebs, palmy rocks, and sometimes you can do it by yourself. It can sometimes be good because peace and quiet. Poor Ryleigh, JC’s sister. I hope you’re better, Ryleigh!

Dear Ronald McDonald House we have organised a market day for all of the sick people in Starship Hospital. We has to brainstorm our ideas also known as a fundraiser we have made a birdhouse, animal pencil holders, lady bug wind turners, monster bookmarks, fans, wands place mats pet rocks, spider webs, peg dolls, minions, stress balls, shell fish, floating ball activities, monkey brooches, sunshine that’s lots!
From Anoushka

JC’s sister used to be sick so you had to take her up to starship hospital and his parents had to stay at McDonald House but I did not know where JC slept...who knows.

Today Piako Rua is doing a market day for Ronald MacDonald House because JC’s sister Ryleigh went up to starship hospital in Auckland even a bird house raffle it is 50c per ticket and i am selling magic wands and my best friend Connor is selling spider webs.
Jacob L

Today is Market Day I am so excited but I am a little bit nervous. The reason we are having market day is because JC’s little sister, Ryleigh, was very sick. She had a special kind of sickness called Leukemia. Anyway I forgot to tell you the thing I made was an animal pencil holder. It was so fun!

Today is Market Day! Do you know what is market day? Well I’ll tell you. Market day is a day when people come and buy stuff. We’re doing this for you! We know that you have Leukemia. So we’re trying to do this for you. We are raising money for all the sick kids. We’re going to donate the money to Ronald MacDonald House. We’re glad to help the sick girls and boys. You’re doing a great job of helping.

We would like to help JC’s sister Ryleigh. She has been very sick so we decided to have a market day. There are magnet monkeys, chickens, pen can holders, wands and heaps more. We are going to send it to Ronald McDonald so they can use it for medicine.

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