Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Today we were fortunate to have Jamie and Ray from Superstar Cricket Academy come in and teach us some cricket skills.  The children all got a turn to bat and focused on their small ball skills.
Olivia's drawing of herself hitting the ball off the cone.

Today Superstar Cricket came to school.  Boof!  I hit the ball as hard as  I could.  Jamie said "Good job". But the only thing was it landed in a puddle.  My shoes were soaking.  As I tiptoed to the puddle I felt water rising into my shoes.  Then I ran to Ray.  We played Snowball tag.  All you had to do for tag is tag someone.  It is fun.  By Maarire & Petra

This morning Piako Rua went out to play cricket with the Superstar Academy boys Jamie and Ray.  The Academy came to Riverdale School.  I can not believe it.  It was amazing!  I first did batting.  With the bat we go BAM!  I hit the ball far and then I got the ball.  It was muddy.  Very muddy.  It was lots of fun.  By Conner B & Kouta

Guess what we did today?  WE did cricket.  It was really cool and fun but one things was not cool - or fun.  Water.  It was wet, soggy and splashy because wherever we tried to step ...SPLASH!  Water splashed in our face.  Anyway, the cool great thing about it was that we got to have a go at everything and the funny part was that when Emily was using the bat she hit the stand for the ball instead of the ball.  Then the stand went flying but the ball just fell off the stand and straight in the ground.  Emily thought she heard the ball scream and Mia laughed and nearly fell flat on her face.  By Mia, Emily, Regan & Kyah

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