Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The pirates left the diamonds in the bush.  Why did the pirates in the bush?  I do not know!
By Luccas

Hey look!  I found gems.  Probably a pirate came here.  I found a treasure map and we went to find it. 

The treasure map said…
Arrr!  I want my gold and gems!
By Conner B

Today we some kids found some gems.  Some were red, some were blue and some were green.  They had a sparkly shine.  So the pirates what them back tomorrow.  We’re worried.  So worried.  Because we only have 7 gems!

We gave the pirate’s gems back.  He gave us a pirate boat from him in return for the gems.
By Samantha 

This morning, it started quite ordinary until Riley M was sprinting off outside.  Riley whispered “What shall I go and play on today?  A-ha, the swing.  Youchers!” Riley shouted.

He got poked with a gem.  I ran outside. 
“What happened?” I said.
“I got poked by a gem.” replied Riley.
“Let’s go hunting for gems!” I shouted.

After a few hours of hunting for gold and gems, it was time to go home. The next day, Aiden saw a letter.  It said…
“Just to remind you, I’ll be back tomorrow to take my gems and gold.”
Uh oh!  We only had seven gems and one gold coin.  We were hoping he didn’t mind.  We slowly put the bowl down.  The next day the pirate took them and left us a toy.  It seems he didn’t mind after all.  The toy was a two storey pirate ship.
By Petra 


I think a pirate owns the gems and coins.  So we should probably set a trap but what if the pirates tries to kill us!

But the map… it smells disgusting if I do say so myself.

The next morning…
“Got you!”  I screamed.
The whole class looked up. 

By Georgia

I think the eggs were from seven skunks because they smell like rotten eggs.  They were found under the bird houses.  The eggs were coloured in every colour in the rainbow. 

I think there were a bit more colours than in the rainbow.  Two of the eggs weren’t hatched.  I think there are two baby possums inside those eggs.  They were wet because of the rain.
By Bentley

In the morning, we found some colourful gems.  It must have been from the dinosaurs from ages ago because it must have been a huge gem and dinosaur stepped on the gem because 12 people went to go look for the gems.  The gems shape, line, and medium:  it has heaps of lines because it is a 3D shape.  There was a pirate note in a plastic cup so it must be a pirate because it said “arrr” and “ahoy”.  Pirates say these two words, so it’s a pirate.  There was also a gold , which was one dollar.  It’s definitely not a dinosaur because dinosaurs don’t say the two words and because dinosaurs say nothing except growling.  So it was not a dinosaur.  Now we know that it is a pirate.
By Benji R

“Ouch!” said Riley Mills.  He sat on some gems.  I decided to help him find more.  We found more and more.  People were racing to see the gems.  JC found the most gems. 

After all the excitement, JC found a bird’s next. 
 By JC

We found some gems.  The gems were shiny and pointy.  It was so hard to find them.  But we found out that it was pirate gems.  We found a map.  It said “Arrr!  Where are my gems.  Tomorrow I will swing by for my gems.”

I forgot to say, we also found a $2 coin.

Today, we found a box.  The pirate came early.  The box had a pirate ship in it.  Mrs Kenyon started to build it but then it was a normal day.
By Campbell
On Tuesday someone found a map and a pirate maybe wrote it and maybe the pirate dropped it and they might have remembered where it was.  Maybe the day before, they will come back and put it there.  I was very nervous about what they would do.  We only had 7 gems and we didn’t have time to find more. 

This morning…
Yay, yay!  The pirates got the gems and they gave us another note.  Two people read them and we opened the box from the pirates.  It was a whole ship set.  The pirates were nice.
By Anushka

I think a secret fairy must have dropped the shimmering, colourful gems in the school.  On Monday some people from my class, found them.  But we found out that it was not a fairy.  It was a PIRATE!

So we need to give the gems and coin back tomorrow morning.  If we don’t, they might catch us and the piece of paper smelt like water and it was also disgusting if I do say so myself. 

On Wednesday, we found out that the pirates were friendly.  We gave back the gold and gems.  Then we saw the pirate ship.

By Charlotte

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