Wednesday, September 6, 2017


When Mrs Ruawai got to school she discovered that she was the only teacher in Piako Rua.  She got here early and recognised a strange colour under the bird feeders and saw some colourful eggs.  I think they were parrot eggs.  I think were parrot eggs that had a little bit of skin.  They had little lines and purple, red, brown, green and much more which were very, very cold.  I hated the smell.  It smells like a skunk.  I thought they were parrot eggs because some parrots are colourful.  By Joshua

This morning Mrs Ruawai found some weird looking eggs.  Maybe those eggs belong to the dinosaur jaw bone that JC and Connor found yesterday.  Also one of the eggs hasn't hatched yet.  Maybe if the egg hatches Piako Rua will be the famous people ever to see a real live dinosaur.  By Ashton

Today Mrs Ruawai found some cracked eggs but..... only one egg wasn't cracked.  Wait!  Oh yeah I forgot to tell you where she found them.  She found these colourful eggs under our bird boxes and the eggs were really colourful.  By Kyle

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