Saturday, September 2, 2017


On Thursday, we took some time to REFLECT on our learning.  We had an organiser to complete for each of our pieces of art.

The organiser helped us think through the criteria that Mrs Peck set us WAY back at the start of the term.  We had to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of our pieces of art and reflect on what the audience might think of them.

Once we had evaluated each piece, we had to compare our two pieces and decide which piece we wanted to share in the Art Expo.  The other piece, would be the one we share in assembly on Friday.

Our teachers were very impressed with how well we evaluated each piece and that every single one of us was able to state what piece we were exhibiting and why we chose that piece.

We are brilliant art critics now!

Petra, Keira and Samantha evaluating their Bubbly Hydrangea pieces

Connor A thinking about his Monster Building

Hareem and Sofya evaluating their Kiwiana pieces

Mika deep in thought looking at his Patterned Print

Busy thinking...

Deep in conversation about JC's Kiwiana piece

Emily's completed organiser

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