Tuesday, September 5, 2017


We wrote some explanations about what we thought the bone was from and how it got in the tree behind our playground.

How did that bone get in that tree?  Was it Bad Jelly's?  Nobody knows but I think a kid threw and put it in a tree and JC and Connor found it and shared it with the class.  Every one of the teeth was loose. By Darcy

Maybe the bone was a Taniwha that lots of possums found and lots of the possums brought it up to the tree and hung it up on the branch.  Maybe the possums ate a fire then they left it up there and JC and Connor found it. By Mika

Maybe in the night a Taniwha went to Riverdale School and went round the back of our playground.  Then some possums came and killed it but not the top of the head.  The next morning Connor and JC found the dinosaur bone and shared it with the class. By Jacob L

This morning Connor and JC found a dinosaur jaw.  I think it is a pterodactyl.  When I got to school I was surprised to see a dinosaur bone.  I couldn't believe it.  I don't know if it was a dinosaur or a Taniwha.  Maybe a few years ago a scientist put it up there and asked us to try and find it.  Or maybe there was a dinosaur fall from space.  By Ashton

I think that a possum dug the dinosaur bone then the possum brought the dinosaur bone up to the tree.  Then got stuck in the tree.  Then JC and Connor found the dinosaur bone.  Then JC shared it with the class.  By Devon

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