Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Have a read of these recounts we wrote about what we did during Make it Monday this week! The teddies are so lucky!

I made a sandpit for the teddies and it can transform to a car. I used a really big box and it was long. I added a steering wheel and I also made a TV. I hope the teddies enjoyed playing in it.
By Hunter

In a busy class called Piako Rua on Monday it was time for Make it Monday. The teachers set us a challenge to make the class teddies a playground. Here's the success criteria. It must be strong and must be able to hold one of the teddies. I made mine for Chocolate. It must be fun for them to play on and must be taller or wider than 30cm. On my creation I put a rock climbing wall. I also made ice cream. It was cool and mine met the success criteria.
By Petra

Yesterday we were making a teddy bear playground and it was so fun. In our teddy bear playground there was a tunnel and Chocolate could fit in the tunnel. In our playground there was a living room where Chocolate can do anything he wants and there was a little sandpit where Chocolate can play. When he is scared of something he can look at the picture on the back of the sandpit.
By Sofya

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